Team Locavore

Locavore's founder Heather Hilleren
Heather - the bossy one

Local To: Madison, WI & San Francisco, CA
My Favorite Local Food: Raspberries...wild. As a kid, I ate them until my stomach hurt.
Best Locavore Moment: Finding so many delicious heirloom tomatoes at the farmer's market, saving the seeds, then growing them in my garden. There are now 24 varieties.
Locavore's Raif
Raif - thinks in ones and zeros

Local To: Toronto, Ontario
My Favorite Local Food: Bacon wrapped filet-mignon of Ontario beef, bought from the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. Cooked medium with Montreal Steak Spice.
Best Locavore Moment: Discovering the salumi tasting plate at our neighborhood restaurant called Local Kitchen which is a large tasting plate of local cured meats that include the maple cured Ontario Berkshire pancetta.
Locavore's Kain
Kain - the negotiator

Local To: Madison, WI
My Favorite Local Food: Steak, Wisconsin beef is fantastic. You can taste the farmers love.
Best Locavore Moment: I can't wait to bike through the crowds of people during Madison's downtown farmers' market. My favorite is stopping and engulfing spicy jalapeno cheese bread for a little mid-trip pick-me-up.